Container Loading Supervision

Container Loading Supervision

✓ A reassurance of the right goods with right quantity are loaded per your requests.
✓ A reassurance the goods are packed in good condition and appropriately for transportation.
✓ A means to minimize mistakes or dishonest behaviors and reduce business loss from wrong or damaged goods.
✓ To ensure safe and sound loading.


CLS is a transparent and unbiased measure that ensures buyers to receive the goods as they purchase, whole and full and suppliers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

What to Check

 Quantity and content:

   Quantity per requested, content goods per requested.

 Condition of the package

   If the outer package is in good condition when loading: dry, in good form, clean, sealed, and protected.

 Marks and labels:

   Shipping marks and other labels per requested.

 Data measurement:

   The overall package dimension per requested, and so that it should fit per said container size with total quantity stated.

 Container condition:

   If container is per requested size, and is good for transporting the goods, no perforation, deform, odor, holes, and clean.

 Loading process recording:

   Actual record with photos or clips of loading process, and to record if the manufacturer has the loading plan if available.

 Seal and departure recording:

   Actual record with photos or clips of container seal and departure.


GSY Inspection Standards

 Quantity: 100% check 


   From single supplier: random check. 2 sets/item<100sets, 3-5 sets/item>100sets

   From combined suppliers and load at one site: random check.  2 sets/item<100sets/supplier, 3-5 sets/item>100sets/supplier                       

 Condition of the package   5 sets<100sets/item, 10-20 sets>100sets/item

 Marks and labels: 10 sets<100sets/item, 10-20 sets>100sets/item

 Data measurement: 2 sets/item, aid with visual browse of stack formation

 Container condition: whole container

 Loading process recording: on stie record

 Seal and departure recording: on stie record

Inspection Case
Inspection Case

Container Loading Supervision is a transparent and unbiased process that helps both buyers and suppliers to fulfill their mutually agreed duties. Container Loading Supervision make sure the supplier deliver out the exact goods you purchased.