On your side, in your shoes
  • GSY inspection team represents your interests on site.
  • We ensure final outgoing quality, accuracy, conformance, and regulatory compliance requested.
  • We have the right skills and experiences. We do inspections seriously and thoroughly.
GSY Furniture Inspection Services Solutions
Product Lines of GSY Furniture Inspection Services

We expertise in inspecting across a range of products among the below categories. For past 23 years, our inspectors have inspected thousands of products from the below product lines to assist our clients to secure their needs and foster their supply chain.

Furniture: Sofa, Tables, Desks, Bedframes, Shelves.

Household Storage Organizers and Accessories: Bathroom Racks and Accessories, Garment Racks and Laundry Accessories, Storage Racks and Organizers, Kitchen Racks and Accessories, Wire Shelves and Metal Shelves.

Home Lighting Fixtures: Pendant lamps, Floor lamps, Table lamps, and others related products.

Procedure of GSY Furniture Inspection Services
Procedure Upon Inquiry
Procedure upon Execution of the Inspection Solution Contracted
Benefits with GSY Furniture Inspection Services

Pre-shipment inspection protects your brand and reputation, reduces your supply chain hassles, fines due to regulatory violation, and importantly, reduces and even further eliminates unsatisfied customers that might jeopardize your brand and company image.

  • Reduce hidden costs from quality risk
    • We inspect the goods as our own products to sell, we are always on your side, in your shoes.
    • Solve issues and problems found right at the site before shipping out and prevent profit and reputation loss.
  • Care and listen to your needs and tailor our services to your requests
  • Extensive inspection services across household product lines; services coving cities and regions
    • Furniture, household storage organizers and accessories, and home lighting fixtures are our main inspection services.
    • We cover more than 30 cities and across southeastern and western Asia.
  • Additional services
    • Help to clarify misunderstanding and issues between our clients and the manufacturers, and smooth out the cooperation.
    • Know-your-supplier KYS: simple factory audit for first-time cooperation with the supplier.
    • Help to do sample testing, during process inspection if requested.
Background and Experiences

GSY inspectors are professional and knowledgeable team who represent our clients’ interests on site.

GSY Furniture Inspection Services covers more than 30 cities across southeastern Asia and western Asia.

We have more than 20 years of inspection experience and have collected rich insights on how to inspect the goods base on the international standards-sometimes more than required- and therefore ensuring the quality of outgoing goods.

We know our product lines well to spot a defect or pre-see a potential issue, and we solve it right at the site to reduce possible quality problems that might intrigue later arguments between the factory and the client, affect sales and client reputation after shipment. We believe our experiences and insightful knowledge are the value to our clients.

All our inspectors are periodically trained for knowledge of standards, regulations, and practical techniques to keep our profession up to date and competitive that will further help us to provide satisfaction for our clients

All our inspectors are trained and certified in ISO9001:2015, a professional standard related to quality management systems.

All our inspectors are trained and certified in International Trade Institute by Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

GSY is D-U-N-S ® certified company.


All information received according to the provision of our services shall be treated as business confidential to the extent that such information is not already published, generally available to third parties or otherwise in the public domain. Other than what must be released in order to complete our services is never to be released or exposed to outside parties except, as necessary, to the factories and consultants who are directly related to providing quality services to our clients.

Code of Ethics

GSY works will always be carried out in a professional and impartial manner. GSY Inspectors and auditors shall act in good faith. GSY Inspectors and auditors shall not accept bribes, gifts, or any favors that related to their duties, and shall not conduct any activity that hinders the impartiality of an inspection and an audit.

All employees are to record all data, test results, and other findings accurately and honestly, with no tolerance for any deviation from approved standards, methods, procedures, and the reporting of accurate results.

GSY employees shall carry out works in accordance with all laws, legislation, and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

Clients' Words

GSY has over 10 years experiences in Furniture Inspection Services, Furniture Quality Inspection. Furniture Inspection Services, Furniture Quality Inspection cover more than 30 cities across southeastern Asia and western Asia. Welcome contact us Furniture Inspection Services, Furniture Quality Inspection.